Videos to explain prenatal testing, carrier screening, and more

Do you have questions about prenatal testing, carrier screening, or other genetic tests for reproductive health?

Sequenom Laboratories—the pioneer in noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT)—can help with these easy to follow videos for patients, or people who just have questions.

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MaterniT® 21 PLUS: the pioneering NIPT

Learn how this laboratory-developed test can tell you if you are having a boy or a girl, and screen for chromosomal abnormalities such as trisomy 21 (Down syndrome).

HerediT® CF: carrier screening for cystic fibrosis

Learn about cystic fibrosis and a laboratory-developed test that screens for this most commonly carried genetic mutation.

MaterniT® GENOME: the only genome-wide NIPT

A laboratory-developed test that can do everything MaterniT® 21 PLUS does, but which also analyzes all chromosomes to spot as many abnormalities other NIPTs may miss.