Genetic Counseling Services


Helping you make sense of your results

Personalized genetic counseling.

Genetic counselors are experts trained in discussing genetic test results and familial risks. They can be an important resource should your results indicate a genetic risk.

Our genetic counselors are here to answer your questions about any of the genetic tests we offer.  If you take a test and get a positive result, we offer the option of a genetic results counseling session. During the session, a genetic counselor can help you understand your results, discuss potential implications, and review potential next steps.


Support patient care excellence with genetic counseling

Genetic counseling is essential for the medical comprehension of your patients.

We offer a genetic counseling session with board-certified counselors for patients who test positive. It aids the patient in understanding risk, potential implications, and next steps. Patient satisfaction is increased by providing access to experts skilled at explaining genetic risks in terms patients can understand.

Our in-depth, post-test genetic counseling session with a board-certified genetic counselor includes:

Discussion of any positive results

Reproductive risk assessment

Partner testing options

Reproductive options

Consultation letter

In-depth 30 minute genetic counseling

Disease-specific result counseling

Discussion of additional testing options based on hereditary risk (as appropriate)